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February 19, 2007



Don't you hate it when someone writes the book you really want to see written...and then they screw it up?

A careful assessment will show that Rumsfeld was, indeed, one of the principal architects of a flawed plan, but that he was aided and abetted by many many people in and out of government.

One of my favorite milbloggers, Col. (Ret.) Pat Lang, says the ultimate blame rests in America's cultural DNA, our view of American Exceptionalism (remember Seymour Martin Lipset?), and our unshakable belief that we know what's best for everyone...including Iraqis.

He makes a good case:


Andrew Cockburn lost his credibility with me after he published "The Threat" in the early Eighties. He's very good at complaining about the U.S. military, and equally adept at simultaneously underestimating and overestimating our adversaries. Hatchetman is right.

The DEW Line

Thanks, great comment. I haven't read "The Threat", or anything else by Andrew Cockburn. To be fair, you can learn some things about Rumsfeld by reading the book, but you have to read it with the understanding that you are not reading a scholarly text. You won't find a single balancing sentence in the entire book. That's Cockburn's right as the author, and I'm sure his audience will love it, but it's disappointing.

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