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March 20, 2007


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Gillibrand's position on gun rights has changed since she joined the Senate. Gillibrand was an outspoken advocate of gun rights in the House of Representatives. She had received a 100% positive rating from the NRA, and sponsored an amendment to the 2008 Farm Bill that would have allowed expanded hunting on public lands. Gillibrand has also worked to strengthen the NRA-endorsed National Instant Criminal Background Check System Improvement Act.

Gillibrand's pro-gun rights positions received great scrutiny after her appointment to the Senate and were the object of scathing criticism by some of her fellow New York Democrats. Within days of her being named to the Senate by the governor, Gillibrand indicated that her pro-gun rights position was flexible. At the start of a statewide "listening tour" in Harlem, Gillibrand was asked whether there might be NRA positions that contradict the gun-control needs of an inner-city community. She replied, "There might well be," adding, "I'll look into it

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