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March 19, 2007



the text says it itself:
Why couldn’t the flight termination be stopped?

The fail-safe mode is designed to irreversibly terminate flight to ensure that systems do not deviate from the range into civilian airspace.

Explain what you mean by automatic fail-safe mode?

The fail-safe mode is required for range safety for unmanned systems to ensure systems do not deviate from the range and pose a danger to civilians on the ground outside the range boundaries.

The location of the system is monitored. In case it would leave the test range, the flight would be terminated. Irreversibly means that there is no soft landing intended. Possibly there is a self destructive charge on board that went off unintentionally due to a wrong signal by the ground tracking system. It rained just some pieces...

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Once control of the UAV is disrupted or lost in any way, the safest option is to crash immediately.

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