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May 28, 2007


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Nicholas Weaver

Embarier claims 1.5 ton of munitions, so that would imply 6 JDAMs or 12 SDBs

Even drop that to 8 SDBs, thats still pretty good for $2-4M and 6 hours loiter.


It seems that the optimized design criteria that have been mention, in making a good COIN aircraft,of------------------------------------------- A-10----------------- Tucano

Loiter Time
Cost of Operation and Purchase

are all met by the A-10,
but it would be nice to see the numbers.


You have to remember, though these will be bought by us, and maintained by us over the next few years...these will be Iraqi aircraft. Do we want them to fly our deadly A-10?


You keep talking about JDAM, I did not read any ware in the requirements about any aircraft having to drop or carry JDAMs. Also, at the altitudes they will be flying, I do not feel that the JDAMs would be very effective.
SnakeEye bombs would be better suit.

Nicholas Weaver

Bombs is bombs, the question is "How much tonnage at 15k feet for how long and how much money?"

As for the A10, yeah, the A10 totally blows away the Super Tucano as a COIN aircraft: more tonnage, more letality, and much more damage resistance.

Unlike the Super Tucano, it can actually act in a conventional war, not just counterinsurgency.

So where can we buy some more? Oh yeah, we can't. The line is shut down and the tooling destroyed.

And theres also the "... for how much money." part. Super Tucanos are CHEAP.


Buying Super Tucanos for the Iraqi Air Force has wider implications. The sale will create a market in the US for dedicated counter-insurgency aircraft. Embraer will be very tempted to move final assembly and perhaps full-scale production to its unused manufacturing center in Jacksonville, Florida. Now, the Congressional delegation gets involved, with bonafide American jobs at stake. The next step is to keep the line allive even after the Iraqi Air Force orders are gone. Just wait: a lawmaker will drop in budget add-on for additional Super Tucanos for the Florida Air National Guard or Air Reserve. The national guard will only be happy to accept a new mission, as long as the funding keeps a base or two alive through the next BRAC.

Of course, all this assumes that the Super Tucano will be selected when the politics would appear to favor the T-6 from the beginning.


Don't count out US Aircraft corp.’s New A-67...

They now have the designer of the Tucano and made many changes to the plane that flew late last year. If they can bump things up and make the competition date then they will be a real contender http://herkeng.blogspot.com/2007/05/us-aircrafts-67-dragon-let-carnaval.html

I agree with Stephen fully though, how it was written, it looks like the T-6 was the selected aircraft when they wrote the requirements.

About the A-10... She is not eligible...so why even comment. If that were the case, t the ultimate aircraft for what they need for the mission would have been the OV-10D


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