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June 05, 2007



Wow, that would not surprise me one bit.
IMHO they never should have shitcanned the original C-27...like the older C-130s, the C-27 was a good aircraft and the pilots LOVED THEM. They were rugged and they were able to be worked on in the field with just typical tools...then Lockheed (as well as Boeing, L3, Alenia North America, and GMAS) got a bone up their ass and screwed the whole deal up....
"They" (Bet your ass the USAF falls out of this deal and sticks it to the US Army) will buy the C-27J and it will have field problems just like its big step-brother the -130J.

What else to buy? Well, if you just look at what was on the table, nothing. It was the best choice out of what was offered. But I have this, why not buy a small, tough plane that can handle the environment, and have its engines up and out of the way thus reducing wear and tear on the engines and props? How about an An-32? Yep, I said it… the bloody An-32. The only thing I do not like about the -32 for what it would be used for… the duckpiss green paint they use in the cockpit…but I could learn to love it.

Its oldschool tough...and we already have guys well trained on them :)


I love the way you think HerkEng. Indeed, I reported two years ago that Boeing had approached Antonov about offering a new version of the AN-72, the jet-powered Ukrainian rip-off of Boeing's own YC-15 short-take-off-and-landing airlifter. Nothing came of it, but it wasn't a bad idea. You may also want to take a look at the proposed Embraer E-390, as another possible alternative.


Is the Emb-390 the one that looks like the new Japanese C-X?

Again, tough as all hell the An-72 would be... the only problem I see with using a turbo-fan instead of a turbo-prop for needed short field/high load weight is the fact that the engines need time to spool up...and when you are talking short field ops, your throttle is always changing...it is VERY hard to do with a turbo-fan powered aircraft. (This is where the c-17 fails too... the c-17 isn't a bad aircraft...it just sucks at what they try to use it for.)

This is where the turbo-prop shines. It has INSTANT power.

Russian (whoops, Ukrainian) aircraft in USAF/USA markings :) = my wet dream.

I know we are talking about the Joint cargo acft but I will go off on a tangent here.

There is a real need for aircraft that can operate in very high/low, harsh environments with short fields. There is NO aircraft built right now that can handle the need. That is why there are strange companies like SNOW Aviation offering rebuilt modern OLD C-130E/Hs. Or L3 (with its SPAR Canadian effort) offering a modern touch up flight deck with the "old" engines n’ props. I see them doing well in the near future. a modern classic really. I can't wait to see really what that C-130 AMP is all about (ok, tangent off)


E-390 is an Embraer 190 regional jet re-configured with high-wings and ramp door. It's also a turbofan -- the GE CF34. It's still a concept, but Embraer seems very optimistic about it.

Great point about the need for a true STOL. That really is what JCA is all about, but I presume you think both the C-27J and C-295 fall short?


They are not "bad choices" It is much better than trying to make a high bypass turbofan fit in. They just can not hack it IMHO. Not right now. Not yet, I am sure though with time and enough of the smart people working on it that they will get it to work...but right now the king is still turboprop for approach speed, and take off power with much less spool up time needed.

Again, out of those two...if I HAD to pick one, it would be the C-27J...But I would cuss a few times if I was in charge. :) They don't ask me for my opinion...

Now, with the prop fan (almost like the An-70...but not quite) I think that would be what I would try for the future. I wonder if they have a sep. reduction gear box so that the blades work independently of the actual jet engine? Anyone know?


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